When choosing a music lessons provider, it is important to find out what teaching styles and methods they offer. What type of music do you enjoy listening to the most? Are there particular songs you want to be able to play? What musical styles would you be most motivated to practice? Are you hoping to play for fun, or do you want to develop more professional skill in your instrument? How fast do you want to progress? All of these are important questions to consider.

What Style of Music Inspires YOU?

Imagine the following scenario: You really want to learn an instrument, and you have spent a lot of time looking for a music teacher who is available at a time that is convenient for your schedule. You begin taking lessons, but after a while you realize that something is not right. Your taste in music differs greatly from your teacher’s. The teacher is skilled in classical piano, but you wanted to learn to play jazz. Or you wanted to learn fiddle music on the violin, but your teacher is trained in classical techniques. Maybe you wanted to sing pop songs in your voice lessons, but your teacher knows more about classical vocal styles. Either your teacher struggles to effectively teach what you want to learn, or you have to learn something you are not that interested in. Or perhaps your learning priorities are different from your teacher’s. You wanted to have fun learning songs, but your teacher is focused on theory and technique and professional expertise. Or you wanted to progress to higher levels quickly, but your teacher is taking you slowly through lower levels and you are getting bored. After a while, you no longer feel motivated to practice, and you ask yourself whether you really want to keep taking lessons. Maybe you begin looking for another teacher.

The Right Music Will Motivate You to Practice

But what if you could solve these problems ahead of time, by finding the perfect teacher for you right from the start? 

Figure out what style of music most intrigues and inspires you to learn your chosen instrument. Especially for older children and adult learners, choosing a style of music that you enjoy is often key to feeling motivated to practice and remaining interested in learning. If you are a complete beginner and you aren’t sure yet what you will enjoy the most, find a teacher who will help you learn the basics of the instrument while trying out different styles of music. If you discover you are passionate about something in particular, you can eventually look for a teacher who will focus on that with you. 

You might also want to think about how proficient you want to be in your chosen instrument. Do you want to be able to play complex pieces polished for performance? Do you want to progress quickly to higher levels, or are you more interested in having fun and taking your time with an instrument? Would you rather focus more on learning songs, or would you like to learn plenty of theory and technique as well? Is there a particular method you prefer to use? Sometimes parents who once learned an instrument would like their children to have a similar learning experience or use the same method. Think about your standards and expectations for learning, since that will help you find a teacher who shares them too. 

What is the Music School’s Philosophy?

A great way to find the right teacher for you without too much trouble is to look for a music lessons provider with a philosophy of diversity in the musical instruments and styles their teachers offer. That way you have many options to consider, both among musical styles and teaching methods, and considering teacher availability that will fit your schedule. Office staff can help you navigate these options to make sure you find the right fit at a time that is convenient for you. And you can feel confident about being able to learn music the way YOU want to play!

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About the author : Anne Beck

Anne Beck is an on-staff creative writer at The Music Studio Atlanta and Courtnay & Rowe Music Academy. She is also a music teacher at Courtnay & Rowe, which gives her direct experience with students and parents and an inside look at the way music lessons run.

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