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Frequently Asked Questions2021-11-08T11:19:39-05:00
What age should I start my child and which instrument?2021-09-07T11:27:03-04:00

We get this question quite often, and because children are all so different, there is no real pat answer. And it also depends on the instrument or offering you are interested in – some instruments require hand size and/or dexterity. We generally say that if the child is extremely interested in starting music lessons, the best starting point is piano (or keyboards), which is the “gateway” to the other instruments. The piano is a great instrument for learning all aspects of music and it’s easy to transfer that information later to all other instruments. If your child is interested in a stringed instrument, ukulele is a great choice for small hands, and can be immediately rewarding musically. Another good choice for interested young beginners is our Intro to Music group music class for four and five year old children, which involves voice, instrument experimentation, percussion and rhythm, or Miss Jennifer’s Family Music Together program (adult and child together Infant to three) which are both held at The Music Studio at Vinings.

What length lessons do you offer and recommend?2021-09-07T11:27:19-04:00

We have available 45-min lessons, 1 hour lessons (for two instruments or two children), 1 ½ hour lessons (2 to 3 children) and 2-hour lessons (3 to 4 children) or whatever suits your needs. Initially, we recommend a 45-min lesson as a starting point, and if you feel you need more time (or have more than one instrument studied, i.e. piano/voice, piano/guitar, etc.), the lesson length can be adjusted accordingly. Because many of our talented teachers play more than one instrument, we can many times provide one teacher that can teach several subjects all within the same lesson time, therefore saving you money and time.

We don’t have a piano- Is a keyboard okay to start with?2021-09-07T11:28:11-04:00

Yes it is, and especially for a beginner where you are testing for commitment level. We like to say just because your child is interested in riding lessons, you don’t rush out and buy a horse! Ideally, the keyboard needs to be one with weighted keys and that is full-sized. We are happy to help you with recommendations on an appropriate keyboard to fit your needs and budget.

What do we do about lessons over the holidays or Spring Break?2021-09-07T11:28:35-04:00

We devised our program to run the school year just as you do (August to May), so we start a couple weeks early to allow for the necessary missed lessons during the Christmas week and Spring Break week (either public or private school week). Because we start these couple weeks early in August, these holiday lessons are “made up” in advance, relieving any pressure to later have to make the lessons up.

Do you accept credit cards?2021-09-07T11:28:55-04:00

We do accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, Bank Drafts and E-checks.

Do you have a location?2021-09-07T11:29:47-04:00

Our service is all about convenience and the best use of your time. The greatest part is our wonderful, qualified teachers come to you! However, if you would prefer to go to a location or if it is just as convenient to come to us, please check out our fabulous location at 4895 S. Atlanta Rd. Atlanta 30339, The Music Studio Atlanta. We offer private and group lessons, as well as Intro to Music for four and five year olds, and Music Together Family music for children three to infant.

What performance opportunities are available?2021-09-07T11:30:08-04:00

We are proud to offer an optional performance opportunity every other month: Open Mic Nights (virtual and in person), as well as Spring and Holiday Recitals. Recitals are not mandatory, but encouraged as we have a fun, relaxed atmosphere that’s very family friendly. We mix all levels of students as well as instruments and encourage costuming, choreography, and teacher participation when necessary to enhance the performance of the child or music selection. It’s a great show and fun for all involved! Another popular choice is our Summer Concert Series at St. Angelo’s Pizza where your student has the “stage” and can invite friends and family to their own “show”. We also perform at the Spring and Fall RevFest and other local festivals.

What if my student doesn’t work well with the instructor?2021-09-07T11:30:27-04:00

We do our very best to match the instructor to the student using many different criteria such as teacher forte, location of the student, and type of music the student is interested in, among others. If for any reason you are unhappy with your teacher, please call us and we will make a teacher change immediately, in a discreet and professional manner. We will do what it takes to make the student happy, as a happy student is a learning student!

Who are the Courtnay and Rowe Teachers?2021-09-07T11:30:46-04:00

We pride ourselves on having the best talent in town! The teachers associated with Courtnay and Rowe Corporation are all professionally trained musicians and educators who have been selected for their talents, personal integrity, positive attitude and teaching skills. Most hold college degrees and include graduates of the nation’s top music schools, or are in process of completing their music degree at fine colleges of music here in Atlanta. Most of our teachers are active performers and many are recording artists. Every one of our teachers is carefully screened and is subject to a comprehensive background check. And because we have approximately 40 experienced teachers on our roster, you can be assured we will match the perfect teacher with you or your child.

Why is Courtnay and Rowe considered the best in-home teaching service in Atlanta?2022-07-20T13:16:21-04:00

Our guarantee. Our Teachers. Our Performance Opportunities. Our Clients. Our Results.

For 30 years, our family has taken pride in getting to know each of our client family’s needs and then matching a fabulous teacher(s) to ensure that we help meet their students’ musical goals. And we guarantee that you will love your teacher – or we will make it right.

Each one of our teachers goes through a three step interview and audition process, and have been carefully screened to include a thorough background check, personally interviewed by a family member, and measured on reliability, consistency, accountability and positive attitude. Our teachers also periodically go through continuing education and teaching methodologies. We have an extensive lending library for our teachers to ensure that they have access to the latest music and best teaching tools. To obtain and keep such fine teachers associated with us, we pay above-market salaries to get the very best. And, we only have teachers that love to teach, will do what it takes and want their students to succeed!

We are proud to offer an optional performance opportunity every other month: Open Mic Nights (virtual and in person), Spring and Holiday Recitals, Summer Concert Series at St. Angelo’s Pizza where your student has the stage and can invite friends and family to their own “show”. We also perform at the Spring and Fall RevFest and other local festivals.

Courtnay and Rowe In Home Music Academy has proven over the years that our teachers and methods get results. We have students that excel academically in school and college as well as school music and theater programs, their careers (whether that is performing arts, music, medicine, business, or other), and in family life. Music lessons and playing an instrument builds confidence, builds the brain and translates to success in many areas of life, as well as just being a fabulous skill to have. Let us guide you or your student to success on their musical journey!

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